Southern California Family Night Magic Show

Imagine an unforgettable show of fantastic illusions, pulse-quickening music, dazzling costumes and state-of-the-art lighting! Watch with jaw dropping anticipation as a woman floats, or disappears! Marvel in awestruck amazement at the illusion of YOUR PRINCIPAL BEING CUT IN HALF–right before your very eyes! It’s all part of the Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza! A family night to lift your spirits, entertain and amaze you. And make you laugh.

“The show was bright, exciting, fun, fast-paced, and filled with excellent magic. We had nothing but positive reviews and families new and old were very excited to go to such a fun, family-friendly, affordable event. Thank you for professionalism, showmanship, and support in making this event a true success. It was a great experience!”

– Rachel Gooch, PTA President – Weaver Elementary

An amazing school show for the entire family

This is a show that people will thank you for bringing to your school. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to find a family-oriented show that will bring laughter and enjoyment to both children and parents. The show is filled with hilarious audience participation. Both children and adults get involved in the act.

“The quality of the performance was outstanding and something all ages can enjoy. It is challenging to find educational entertainment that engages kindergarten through 5th graders, as well as engages their parents and grandparents, and Brock Edwards is very successful at this.”

– Kristin Massamiri, PTA – Concordia Elementary

Easy to plan family night for your school

Many performers hand you an original of their poster or flyer, then expect you to copy and distribute it all at your expense. Brock Edwards provides all the flyers, posters, tickets, and promotional materials. He’ll even count them out for each class for easier distribution. Bottom line: NO COST and less work for you and your school!

“Everyone loved the show! The support from Brock was great- tickets, flyers, posters. Very professional and extremely organized. The flyers were sorted and marked by teacher!! That made it so easy!!”


– Tricia Condon, PTA – Portola Hills Elementary