Frequently asked questions

Can we use this show as a fundraiser?

Yes! Your school can make money a number of ways. Just add any reasonable amount to the already low ticket price. You can also sell food items before the show and during intermission. Brock Edwards also gives you his exclusive Money by Magic Manual. It lists 14 strategies for raising lots of money – like charging $1 per vote to elect the person you’d most like to see cut in half – all without raising the ticket price!



“Our families loved the show and our Foundation loved the extra money. We made over $2,000 in one night! Unlike our normal fundraisers, families saw a fantastic show, and parents didn’t feel like we were asking them to buy something else they didn’t want.”


Lydia Fama – Shoal Creek Educational Foundation

What if we don't have an auditorium?

If you don’t have the facility for the show, Brock Edwards can perform his stunning feats of illusion outside. You supply the spectators, he provides everything else including a stage, props, assistant, fog, lights, music, curtains, even a generator. You can also experience the Family Night illusion show by renting a local indoor facility. Most facilities don’t charge more than $100 to public or private schools. And you can pay for the rental fee by simply adding a dollar to the ticket price.

Click here to watch Brock Edwards’ crew transform a playground into an outdoor theater. 5 hours of set-up compressed into 8 seconds!



“The illusions were incredible, but Brock’s most amazing trick was turning our blacktop into an outdoor theater. The stage was terrific, and with over 750 people in attendance, there wasn’t a single bad seat.”


Ron Koebrick, PTA – Meadow Park Elementary

Can a magic show be educational?

Every Brock Edwards presentation offers a strong educational message. Many magic shows often lack any educational value. Brock Edwards performs a full-length educational assembly program, so it’s easy to justify taking valuable classroom teaching time for the show. Ask the hundreds of principals that endorse the program. Or the thousands of kids that have learned to say “no” to drugs and bullying, and “yes” to character and the joys of reading. Kids simply learn more because they love magic and have fun. Best of all, you can choose from three specially designed educational assembly programs!




“Sometimes programs such as these offer themselves as a “Red Ribbon Week” option, but it’s really a thinly veiled marketing ploy to gain a booking, with only passing reference made to drugs, alcohol, and crime. Brock Edwards’ performance was an excellent program which was not only entertaining for our kids, but contained the Red Ribbon Week theme throughout the performance. This assembly was well executed and well received by our students, staff, and families.”


Lynne Ennis, Principal – Rivera Elementary

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