Admission to Family

Night covers the cost.

How can Brock Edwards give away FREE shows? Simple. He charges admission to the Family Night illusion show. Tickets are very affordable — just $9 per ticket*. Brock Edwards has a proven system that’s easy to organize, yet GUARANTEED to sell out the house. So there’s absolutely no risk to your school.

“We had many positive comments from kids and parents! NO ONE complained about paying and we are confident we can ask people to pay for a quality program!”


Heidi Reiser, PTA President – Oak Grove Elementary

A spectacular show for less than a matinee movie!

The Brock Edwards Family Night extravaganza is an extraordinary value. A stunning show of magic and laughter. Lesser shows could cost $30 per ticket at a theater. Brock Edwards does far more for less than a matinee movie ticket! It’s truly an exceptional entertainment value no other school show can compete with. A first rate performance you’d expect only in a full-size theater. The difference is, Brock Edwards brings this fantastic show right to your school. Families will thank you for providing a fun, affordable wholesome activity for kids and s. In short, you’ll be credited for planning the best event the school has ever had!

“I never believed that we would sell so many tickets that we’d be moving the show outdoors! Obviously the publicity materials and Red Ribbon Week assembly won everyone over. It was great to start the year’s 1st family night with such a big success! People are still talking about the show. Thank you for providing us a most entertaining evening!”


–  Shannon Wilmot, PTA President – Red Hill Elementary

* An additional fee may apply for travel and facilities that seat less than 300 people.